Women are bossing up this fall! Ladies will you be in a suit?

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It was one thing when women started taking over businesses. It is 2017 and now they are taking over the wardrobe.

This fall you won’t see pencil skirts and pantyhose. However, you will see women in fashionable suits, fitted or layered. Either way they will be looking bossed up.

On the runway for fall 2016 at NYFW, androgyny was definitely a hit in the trends. In 2016 the menswear had various pinstripes and prints. Not only did the designers carry the trends over to 2017, they upgraded the looks. They took masculine suits and made them feminine and chic. http://www.vogue.com/slideshow/fall-2016-top-trendsrunway#32

(Fall 2016 Balengiaga – Photo courtesy of Vougue)

This fall you will see suits that are over-sized, monochromatic in color as well as some with bell bottom trousers. Furthermore, you will even see blazers that are mid-thigh with drapes hanging from ends. There were suits featured on several runways. For example, shows including Celine, Jacquemus, Alexander McQueen, & Bottega Veneta to name a few. vogue.com

( Celine, Jacquemus, Alexander McQueen, & Bottega Veneta. Photo courtesy of Vogue)

So, over the summer we were shook when Cardi B hit the BET Awards red carpet. She wore an all red Givenchy suit with red shoes and a red clutch, showing the twins off. If that wasn’t a way to bring in the fall trends then what is? Pintrest.com

(Photo courtesy of Pintrest)

However, we are going to take it back to 2015 when Zendeya wore her slim fit monochromatic grey suit. The trends just keep going from season to season and only getting better. https://www.popsugar.com/fashion/Zendaya-Wearing-Gray-Suit-39031374

(Photo courtesy of PopSugar)

Even Kim Kardashian took a less revealing route and wore a female suit to the Forbes Women’s Conference. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4601186/Kim-Kardashian-suits-Forbes-Women-s-Conference.html

(Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

Finally, women have been showing that they are the boss. It is only right they wear the pants of one and make it sexy. It’s time to show that this generation of women isn’t your nine to five workers, she is the one cutting the check.

Although, we can say it’s nothing new and we can say we have seen it before, but have we seen it like this? Is this trend working for the ladies or should we let it go? I’m thinking the ladies should stay bossed up!

Written by: @TouchedbyTAG

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