Fall in Love With Denim: Tips on How to Rock Denim This Fall

Fall in love with denim this fall with these amazing ways to rock it this season.


Angel Love
Angel Love for Kontrol Magazine

Denim has been an American fashion staple since the beginning of time. From a classic pair of denim boyfriend jeans to a fitted jean skirt, this textile has definitely made it’s mark in the world of fashion. With this blazing summer coming to an end, it’s time to pull out those jean jackets and button-ups and slay all fall! We promise that with these tips, you’ll be sure be the baddest thing walking this season.

First thing’s first, you’ve got to find the right wash for the mood you want to set for the day/night. When it comes to choosing a denim wash, remember this: the lighter the jeans, the more “casually chic” your look reads. A lighter wash tends to make for a relaxed, yet stylish vibe. A darker wash makes more of a edgy statement in the colder months. It reads sleek and chic during the fall months. An indigo or a black denim pair of jeans give off a cooler and more stylish approach.

Angel Love
Angel Love for Kontrol Magazine

The fall is also the perfect time for the “denim on denim” trend. For example, try wearing a blouse paired with a stylish pair of denim flare-legged jeans, or a cute denim jumpsuit and a jean jacket. Or maybe you want to really elevate one of your dresses by adding a denim button-up to it, like we styled Angel Love photographed above. Also with boot season vastly approaching, take advantage of your denim jeans this season by pairing them with your favorite pair of boots.

Angel Love
Angel Love for Kontrol Magazine

Fashion is all about exploration and expression. The fall was made specifically for the fashion lovers. We say this because it’s the one season out of the year where we can really express. It’s also the season we can wear all the fabrics and garments we want without melting or freezing. When it comes to rocking denim in the fall, it’s a MUST!

Wardrobe Provided by Diesel & Kontrolmag Showroom

Photograher By Images by Kennedy 

Styling By Julian R. Lark 

Styling Assisting By Chanel Scales and Brandon Foster

Hair By Ashley Alexis

Makeup By Shenelle Mays

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