la modella mafia Kim Kardashian street style with Kanye West in a cape and leather pants

Fall Layering with Capes

One of my favorite things about Fall is being able to layer.  You can layer with sweaters, blazers, and coats.  Something that has to be in your wardrobe this Fall and well into Winter is the cape.  I actually had a cape coat several years ago…before they became trendy.  However, now that they are trendy, we see them in different forms, from coats to sweaters, to shirts and even dresses!

To pull off wearing a cape the right way, you have to make sure that you balance the bottom half of your outfit with something fitted and sleek, whether that be a midi pencil skirt or slim trousers/skinny jeans.  Also, be careful with the fit of your cape.  You want to make sure that it is not tight or too loose.  Your cape should drape over your shoulders without “swallowing” up your frame or squeezing you for dear life.

The examples shown below capture some of the trendy and classic versions of this cozy outfit topper.  “My Favorite” is of course the one that has boho chic written all over it. “The Practical One” as seen on Kim Kardashian above and to the right, can be worn everyday with just about anything.  “The Dream” is the dream because it is by one of my favorite designers, Ralph Lauren, and it is cashmere!  Please take a moment to imagine how this cape feels against your skin!  Also, I refer to the Ralph Lauren cape as the dream because it is the most expensive with a price tag that will hit your pockets for over $4,000!


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