Fame, Fortune, and Hope! “Beyond The Lights” shows the healing power of love!

Fame and fortune seem to be the aftermath of dreams fulfilled. After all, who do you know does not want to be loved and admired by the world at large? It is as close to immortality as any human may ever get. However, for some people fame and fortune have a dark side and a heart wrenching downfall that no episode of “UnSung,” or “Behind The Scenes” can ever truly capture. “Beyond The Lights” is an upcoming film, from the director of “Love & Basketball,” telling the story of Noni Jean (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a young and sensational singer forced into the limelight by her overbearing mother. Troubled and desperate she tries to commit suicide but is saved by a police officer named Kaz (Nate Parker). The two seem to find what they need in one another, but her fame and mother, threaten to tear them apart.



There have been a number of romantic films that have come out this year, from this trailer I feel as though this is the only one worth seeing. Nate Parker is an amazing actor with a stellar body of work. Whatever role he plays he puts his heart into making his characters all the more believable. Gugu Mbatha-Raw, known best for her portrayal of Dido Elizabeth Bell in “Belle” is still fairly new on the scene. However, her portrayal, and look in this film is eerily reminiscent of pop star, Rihanna.  In fact the whole film is reminiscent of her song, “Half Of Me,” from her “Unapologetic” album. Nevertheless, her chemistry with Nate is almost magical. You feel her character’s despair the moment you see her mother scolding her for coming in second place; and in a later scene when she ponders jumping off that balcony. Love and fame are never easy to navigate, and when they collide more than hearts are often broken. I am not sure if Kaz and Noni will end up together, but here’s hoping they do. Let’s just be sure we catch “Beyond The Lights” in theaters everywhere Friday, November 14th.

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