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“Cocktails & Cupcakes” w/ “Family or Fiance’s” Tracy McMillan!

OWN never ceases to amaze us with its amazing series and original content. The network continues to push the envelope with self-care and love, and we are not talking about “Super Soul Sunday!” Instead one of its reality series, a vitamin/television show, “Family or Fiance,” has stolen our hearts and attention!


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The event took place at The Gathering Spot, and began with a light lunch of various salads, croissants, cookies, chips, and of course “Cocktails & Cupcakes.” There Atlanta’s biggest in brightest in media gathered to ask longstanding questions about “Family or Fiance, and sought relationship advice from Tracy McMillan. Tracy discussed, among many things, how the concept of the show came to be, how they come up with the challenges for the show, difficult moments for her to watch, and even what to wear on a first date!

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The overall theme of her discussion with us all was that we all want love and we have to know what boundaries to set in place for them for the sake of our romantic relationships. She also relayed that “people ultimately want to be together, but relationships are all about compromise and communication.” We can definitely eat (bites cupcake) and drink to that (downs Plushberry Lemonade)!

Catch the season premiere of “Family or Fiance” this Saturday, January 11th. Check your local television listings for showtimes!

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