Fantasia and Brandy’s Ex-Publicist Legal Battle Over Racisim

Fantasia and Brandy ex- publicist Courtney Barnes speaks out about being fired from Sony.

According to TMZ , Barnes claims that he had lost his job because the music company doesn’t like blacks.
Last year, he was hired by Fantasia , to only to be fired a couple days after.

Barnes says that the V.P. Sarah Dennison at Sony hated him so much, that he threatened to screw Fantasia over if she didn’t let go of Barnes.

Barnes also says in the law suite that Dennison claimed to not like him because he heard that Barnes was involved in some “shady business practices.”

Barnes thinks that the term “shady business practices” is another form of racism.
Barnes goes on in the lawsuit, talking about his one encounter that he had with the V.P. only consisted of a handshake.

After the firing, Barnes feels that it cause Brandy not to work with him not work with him any more, because Dennison trashed his name.

Barnes is suing the label and the V.P. for stress an ruining his reputation. Firing him lost him over $250 K earnings of work.