Fashion Brand Lookout: The Vampire’s Wife

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Courtesy of The Vampire’s Wife

With a feminine perspective on vintage detailing, Susie Cave has created the designer collection, The Vampire’s Wife.

Courtesy of The Vampire’s Wife

With the ‘bewitched’ theme revolving around many of the pieces, the brand stands out from fast fashion retailers of today. Susie decided to create the brand due to the fact that she couldn’t find anything to wear. Searching through various boutiques and high fashion brands seems to be challenging for anyone. She found it difficult to find pieces with the delicacy and femininity she desired. Remembering the very things that made her feel sexy, Cave began pulling from feminine influences of the 50s. Creating more practical, modern and simplistic pieces, she creates a brand that is bound to out stand the rest.

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The British model has had her she of rocking various designers, and in addition has been able to develop an understanding for the fit of garments on the female body.


Through her love for the physique of the female body, she began developing her own ideas regarding what fits best. Incorporating cinched waists, full skirts, and timeless shapes, Susie creates pieces with the ultimate sex appeal- minus the fuss. Beautifully embroidered garments without the fuss? It’s cause for a celebration.


“My aesthetic for the brand comes from a great love of costume, Russian ballet, children’s books, raw nature, art, movies, architecture, all manner of things, really,” Cave says.


We’ve spotted A-list celebrities such as Kate Moss, Florence Welch, and Dakota Johnson in the ultra feminine brand. For women who adore the sense of timeless fashion, while refusing to move with trends, this brand trumps all. After all, we always need those beautiful, quality pieces in our closets. Cave just figured out how to channel it and make that notion memorable.

Courtesy of The Vampire’s Wife

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