Fashion Faux: What Not To Wear… Ever Again

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I’m all for expressing yourself. The expression is what fashion is about! But, for the love of fashion there is a line that was crossed. Enough is enough! It’s time for these fashion violators to stop committing these crimes and turn their lives around! Not sure what I’m talking about? Let me help you see the light.


Du Rags 


Unfortunately, this trend was not left in 2001! It continues to haunt us in 2015! The only thing that needs to see this item is your bed. Do us a favor and make sure that your du rag never EVER sees the sky.


Jelly Sandals


I notice that these shoes are coming back into style. Cease and desist! Leave the jelly shoes for the children. There are just some styles that do not need to be in use. Jelly sandals are childish and are not for the grown and sophisticated fashionista. Unless you are trying to re-live your childhood, it’s time to say au revoir to the jelly shoes.


Polyester Patterned Leggins


This short-lived trend needs to stay extinct. Unless you’re trying to perform in Cirque Du Soleli then keep this item away from the outside world.


These items are a disservice to society and have got to go! Do the world a favor and stop committing this acts of crime.


Viva la fashion,


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