Fashion Forward “Okkkurrr” with Cardi B

Cardi B is back! She’s all about taking the coins and saving the coins! This social media sensation and Grammy winning artist just won’t stop winning! Cardi Recently took to her social media page to announce that she will be launching her second collection with Fashion Nova in early May.

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Cardi B (image courtesy of google)

Well this should come as no surprise. Cardi has been popping up with chart topping songs and literally looking great doing it. From her bright colored hair styles to her elegant red carpet looks, this mamacita can pull off any fashion look. Her team is doing amazing with her overall glam.

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Cardi B (image courtesy of google)

Fashion Nova offers affordable looks for both men and women and have collaborated with several celebrities to endorses their brand with Cardi among them. We are sure that this new collection will be just what the summer needs to get the squad looking fab for any occasion.

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Cardi B (image courtesy of google)


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