Fashion & Glamour Overdose! Kontrol Mag Fashion Show At Social Haven Recap

After the Kick Off Party on Thursday for Kontrol Magazine Fashion Week: Fashion In The City, there was no doubt the fashion, fun, and glamour was only just beginning.



Last night Kontrol Magazine presented the first show of the week at the Social Haven, and when I say the  designers were amazing plus more, it only makes us even eager for tonight show.

Konkrete Rose Design,  Gamili E, Luckie Losers Clothing, and Sylvia Mollie presented all unique and fabulous pieces from their collections. 

First we kicked off the night with Konkrete Rose Design, the collection was breath taking and made everyone wake up and the smell the fashion.


The models and pieces were both gorgeous and were definitely red carpet ready. What I loved about Konkrete Rose Design is that they are bold, sexy, and fashion forward. The collection screamed, “Dare to be Different.” Gown after gown I was amazed by each one.


My favorite pieces from the collection was definitely this lace tutu cocktail dress. I wish I saw this cocktail beauty before I bought my gown for the Gala!



Kontrol Magazine approves this collection! These ladies are glowing and looking FABULOUS.

Next up was Gamili E, a fashionistas dream collection. The pieces were so chic with high sex appeal. Every single piece made every woman in the crowd awe and beg for more!



My favorite pieces from the collection? Both the white/cream ones and I mean what girl doesn’t love an all white affair?


I was ready for Gamili E collection as you can see. Again Kontrol Magazine approves and is begging for more from Gamili E.

The third party of the night was Luckie Losers, a clothing line who supports all and is all for being yourself and standing out.



As you can see actress Melinda Williams and celebrity stylist Julian Lark approves their collection.

Last and definitely not the least designer Sylvia Mollie closed the show with her collection, or shall I say masterpiece because the dresses and pieces were made from a fashionable genius. 


Hello Fall! Now don’t get me wrong I adore my spring/summer fashion, but I am in LOVE and always been as Fall/Winter fashionista junkie. Sylvia Mollie provided me with my fix and I almost overdosed. 


Who wouldn’t get an immediate high off of this dress? The model fits it perfectly and  burgundy is a must have for every fashionista for the Fall.





If Kontrol couldn’t approve any collection, Sylvia Mollie would definitely have made us made an exception. You are not in kontrol if you aren’t rocking  Sylvia Mollie. 

The show was amazing besides the overdose of fashion, the many who attended had a fabulous time thanks to Social Haven and Kontrol Magazine official Dj Nephu had everyone on their feet.

Thank You Social Haven, DJ Nephu, Konkrete Rose Design,  Gamili E, Luckie Losers Clothing, and Sylvia Mollie for a memorable evening. 



Ty Coleman

Ty Coleman is the Jr Fashion Editor for Kontrol Magazine. She is a senior attending Clark Atlanta University In Atlanta, Georgia where she is studying to obtain her Bachelor Arts degree in Public Relations Management. Ty plans to be in the fashion industry as a Public Relations Specialist,Writer, and Stylist. Miss Coleman is originally from Los Angeles, California where she claims she received her source of inspiration to be in the fashion industry. Ty's love, passion, and desire to be a successful woman in the fashion industry only makes her journey even more exciting. " I accept the mistakes I both will and have encountered, because it has proved I have the ambition to grow and excel. and have absolutely no desire to fail." - Ty Coleman