Fashion O.M.G: Gwen Stefani’s Major Fashion DON’T

I’m not exactly sure what Gwen Stefani was thinking when she woke up yesterday morning. Today, Gwen’s soggy outfit had me saying the oh-so-famous line by Kevin Hart, “I wasn’t ready!”

Usually, Gwen’s styles are usually edgy and ride the fashion boundary line (if there is such a thing). Then again, isn’t that what being a fashionista is all about? Defying odds and pushing the boundaries is what it means to be a true fashionista. However, Gwen dropped down five levels in the fashionista rank for this getup.

The ensemble consisted of a Coca-Cola shirt written in Japanese, and baggy leather shorts that were worn mid hip. Leggings were worn under the shorts, and to top it off she decided to decorate this frightening outfit with open-toed heels.

Gwen this is not okay! Please lay out your clothes the night before you go out if you need too.

For you sake, please do not walk out your home in that kind of outfit again! Hopefully, we can recover from what our eyes have witnessed and not allow the outfit to scar our memories.



Comment below and let know what you think about Gwen’s outfit. Would you consider this a yes or no?

Sarai Thompson

What do you get when you mix youth, fashion, and enthusiasm into one? You get Sarai Thompson! I'm a Senior at Georgia State University ambitious and goal driven. I am a first generation Jamaican American, born in Boston, and Atlanta is my playground.