Fashion Forward Fathers, Who Make You Say “Whose Daddy Is That?”

Just in time for Father’s Day, to celebrate our fashion forward fathers!

When I was growing up it seem like being a dad and well dressed couldn’t be said in the same sentence. But, in the 21st century you can’t say one without the other. As a teenager the average child thinks their parents dress in past time.  Over the past few years fathers and grandfathers have been going viral for their stylish attire.

From clothing, shoes, haircuts and we can’t forget the BEARDS.

Celebrities, social media socialites and average everyday men have been providing street style that make us go, “Whose daddy is that?”

Here is a list of some of our favorite celebrity fathers on daddy duty being stylish while doing so.
Kevin Hart with Heaven and Hendrix Hart

Kevin Hart is known for being America’s funny man, but he’s a father first and takes pride in looking good while doing so.  Who doesn’t love a well dressed funny guy?

David Beckham, David Beckham! Former spice girl Victoria Beckham husband has been known for being one of the stylish and sexiest men on earth. And, he just gets sexier and sexier every year, especially on dad duty. Oh, did I mention he’s a soccer player, often times I forget because I just love to look at him.
David Beckham and son Brooklyn, Beckham has 3 sons and 1 daughter

Next, we can’t forget about the legendary muscian Lenny Kravitz and Game of Thrones actor James Momoa. Seems like Lisa Bonet’ has a thing for attractive men with an edgy style. Lenny and Lisa are parents of actress Zoe Kravitz. and, James is Bonet’ second husband of 10 years they have two children together.

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Lenny Kravitz and daughter Zoe Kravitz. James Momoa

Hip-hop’s favorite lyricist Nas , has a style that matches his personality. Giving a hardcore, yet smooth New York persona.
Nas w/ daughter Destiny Jones

Lastly, we can’t forget Fabolous, this hip-hop artist is not the only stylish person in his family. His family tends to give us all the feels of how a stylish family should dress.
Fabolous, Emily B and The Family

Not only are these father’s stylish, they are the epitome of fatherhood. So, if you’re a new dad, there’s no need to pick up the dad shorts. Go get a haircut, grow a sexy beard and continue to dress effortlessly. Adding father to your name just got a lot more sexier. Enjoy Father’s Day!





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