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Fat burning exercises to do at home

Fat burning exercises to do at home

If you love working out but hate the weather, there are plenty of exercises you can do at home to burn fat. While you need to incorporate various types of workouts, such as stretching, strength training, and cardio exercises, to achieve a level of well-rounded fitness, high-intensity interval training and total body strength training are ideal workouts to burn off body fat rapidly. Get started with the following fat-burning exercises you can do at home.


Jumping Squats


For basic strengthening and a good fat-burning workout, jumping squats are ideal. Do a bodyweight squat while stretching your arms out in front, or bent with your hands placed behind your ears. From the bottom of the squat position, jump as high as possible and land with your knees slightly bent, and repeat. Simple!


Fat burning exercises to do at home



Running is one of the best exercises you can do to lose weight. But if you hate the weather, you may think running is not a viable option to do at home. Well, you are forgetting about treadmills! Running indoors can be just as effective as running outdoors by running on a high-quality treadmill. You can avoid having to run in the elements while still running for as long as you like. Running burns lots of calories, and it can even help you to continue to burn calories long after your workout. Running is especially good for getting rid of harmful belly fat. The only problem with a standard treadmill is it is a large machine that can take up a lot of space in your home. Thankfully, there are now some fantastic folding treadmills available to solve that problem. To choose the best folding treadmill, here’s a great blog article.


Jumping Jacks


The classic jumping-jacks warm-up is an effective cardio exercise for elevating your heart rate. When you breathe deeply while jumping, more oxygen is delivered to your bloodstream. Jumping jacks are also great for burning fat quickly. One of the best methods for jumping jacks is doing as many as you can for ten seconds, then resting for ten seconds, and then repeating the routine for twenty seconds and then thirty seconds. Perform the workout each day, and you can burn fat in no time.




Good old-fashioned push-ups are an excellent way of burning fat and building arm muscle. In fact, push-ups are a fantastic total body exercise. To make push-ups more challenging, elevate your feet. The higher your angle, the more bodyweight you will be supporting. You can also increase the range of motion by elevating your hands on push-up handles, or something similar that you have around your home, such as a pile of books.


Jumping Lunges


Lunges can be performed anywhere, so they are ideal for doing at home. While basic lunges have many benefits, jumping lunges can really get your heart pounding, strengthen your muscles, and help you to burn fat. Simply lunge forward on your left leg while bringing your right arm forward and your left arm backward, with your elbows bent at a ninety-degree angle. Then jump straight in the air as you switch your leg and arm positions before landing with your opposite arm and leg in front. Jumping lunges enable you to burn around twelve calories per minute.








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