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Feature This! Scotch Porter Charcoal Licorice Facial Skin Care Collection

Feature This! Scotch Porter Charcoal Licorice Facial Skin Care Collection

Scotch Porter

Everyone knows that Scotch Porter is the man when it comes to providing quality men’s grooming products. Even though Scotch Porter isn’t a man, but a brand. However, the man behind the brand is Calvin Quallis, the guy who made the brand that’s primarily known for aiding men in achieving stylish and healthy beards. Especially when it comes to African American men and their specific grooming need. However, in the last couple of years, Scotch Porter has grown into premium men’s grooming brand that caters to beards, hair, and skin. Which is why you need to try their Charcoal & Licorice Facial Skin Collection.

Most men are probably thinking to themselves that they’re content with the no name facial skin products that they get at the drug store. However, those same men couldn’t tell you what’s in those products, if they’re natural, do they work long term or just for the moment that you’re using them, or any of the other important questions that consumers should be asking when they decide to use a product on their bodies.

Scotch Porter promises that their Charcoal & Licorice Facial Skin Care Collection will leave me with noticeably smoother, clearer, better-looking skin. The collection comes with a face wash, face scrub, and face lotion. All three have these products do not contain Sulfates, Petroleum, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colors, or Animal Ingredients. The importance of knowing that these products are not in this line lies in the fact that they’re in almost every other personal health care product that all people use. And just in case you didn’t know that’s not a good thing.

Just to give a little quick lesson on health care products, sulfates are primarily found in soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and most personal cleansing agents. Their purpose is to clean debris from our bodies. However, they also strip our skin and hair of the moisture that they need to be healthy. And are responsible for making people’s hair color fade. Oh, and paraben’s are great at preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. But when they get into your body, they mimic estrogen and are linked to breast cancer (and yes, can get breast cancer). So, it’s best to limit the number of products you use that contain parabens.



This facial wash cleanses skin without drying it out like most cleansing agents. It also replenishes the skin with moisture, control oil and shine, and minimizes the chance of a breakout occurring. More importantly, it doesn’t alter your skin’s natural pH balance which helps control bacteria and fungi.



Scotch Porter


With the aid of Rice Bran Extract, Turmeric Root, Chamomile Flowers, and Sacred Lotus Root, this facial scrub aims to remove dead skins cells to reveal your healthy surface skin layer. It also unclogs pores and stimulates blood flow. The result is younger and healthier looking skin.




More than just a lotion, this product soothes and moisturizes dry skin. But it also minimizes visible signs of aging, including dark marks and blemishes.


In addition to having natural and healthy ingredients, each product comes in a two month supply. And the entire collection can be purchased for $44.99, so men are getting premium products for a great deal. Think about this, let’s assume that the lower quality form of these products costs $5 each in the drug store. And usually one contains enough for just a month if not less. A month supply would add up to $15 and two months would be $30. Would you rather purchase two months worth of mediocre, potentially harmful in the long term products? Or spend $44.99 on three premium products that will definitely last two months and be beneficial for your skin.

It’s easy to see that choosing the best for yourself doesn’t cost all the much more. Go to Scotch Porter’s website to purchase the Charcoal Licorice Facial Skin Care Collection. Also, check out some of the other products that they offer.


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