Feed The Urge, Give In and PURGE!!! “The Purge: Anarchy” Coming To A Theater Near You!!!

If you thought last year’s “The Purge” was going to be some one hit wonder, psycho thriller destined to fall into obscurity, you are dead wrong! “The Purge” is back! This time around things are crazier and more widespread than before. Whereas in the first we focused on one particular family in the perceived “safety” of their home, on this bout we are in the city after dark where its open season on anyone walking. Here, a couple’s car has stalled on their way home in the middle city. They desperately try to find sanctuary for the night only to be caught up in the temporary chaos caused by The Purge’s participants. There only hope is to make it to morning when law and order are restored. The real question is–can they?

I for one, think this has to be one of 2014’s most anticipated films. The original film, put a new face on the psycho thriller genre when it introduced a hypothetical scenario when for twelve hours all crime, including murder, is legal in the United States. Showing more of the danger the populace faces during this time is ingenious. Let’s just hope it delivers all the blood, gore, and shockers the original gave us and more! Check out “The Purge: Anarchy” in theaters nationwide, July 18th.




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