Feel the Flames, Fulfill Your Desires, & Get Your Fix! Zane’s Addicted will have you HOOKED!

It is not too often a movie comes along that leaves you breathless. Bille Woodruff has done just that by bringing Zane’s “Addicted” to the Big Screen. This thrilling novel is now an even more thrilling film with plots, twists, and antics that will leave you feeling guilty for wanting to see more. Sharon Leal stars as Zoe Reynard an up and coming art distributor who has it all–beautiful children, a gorgeous home, and a loving husband. Still something is not right. No matter how much she has she is never truly fulfilled. Her life and responsibilities fall to hell after she gives into her growing sexual desires. She cheats on her husband, Kevin (Boris Kodjoe) with popular artist, Quentin Canosa (William Levy). At first their arrangement is one of sex and convenience, but unsurprisingly things get heavy, awkward, and dangerous when Quentin falls for her and demands she leaves her husband. No matter how hard Zoe tries to leave him alone she finds she is truly addicted not only to Quentin but sex in general!



Take notes Tyler Perry this is how you pull off a sexual thriller. “Temptation” was okay but was preachy and marred by predictability. However, with “Addicted,” director Bille Woodruff pulled together a stellar cast that had you equally repulsed and envious of their actions. Sharon Leal is as you have never seen her before–a true sexual vixen. Normally she is typecast as straight laced and well put together. She is always some teacher, businesswoman, or executive. Here, she began in that typical role but soon shed all of that to become a character no viewer will soon forget. Watching Sharon as Zoe, you are afraid to love or empathize with her but know you want to have sex with her. Boris Kodjoe, William Levy, and Tyson Beckford are all “her men,” and you enjoy seeing her with all of them. With Boris she makes love, with William she gets off, and with Tyson it is nothing short of f***ing! Still, William Levy earns some brownie points as an unbalanced artist. We have not seen him in a serious role since he was “Antonio” on “Single Ladies.” Coincidentally, that character and Zoe suffer from the same condition. Be prepared for eye candy in this film. The men and women make you want them in every way possible. You are guaranteed to leave the film wanting your own sexual fix!

You can catch “Addicted” in theaters everywhere now. Be sure you go with someone you plan on laying next to that night. You will need the “treatment” only they can provide.

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