Fight Severe Underarm Sweating With Botox

Millions of people suffer from from the inconvenience and embarrassing, rarely talked about but common problem of hyperhidrosis. Hyperhydrosis is excessive sweating that usually results in sweating through and ruining your clothes.

You might have tried  those $10 extra strength deodorants, just to find that they aren’t quite cutting it and that you need something stronger. You might want to give Botox a try. Yes you heard me right, Botox injections do more than just fight wrinkles, they also safely reduce underarm sweat.

Botox injections temporarily block the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the overactive sweat glands. You might be thinking if you’re not sweating anymore then where does it go? Your sweat doesn’t go anywhere because the botox injections temporarily stop the production of sweat in the treated areas. A small amount of Botox is injected into the underarm area. There are about 15-20 injections during the session and takes approximately 15 minutes to finish. The treatment lasts for approximately 7 months and costs approx $1,000. I was surprised to find out that in many cases, these botox treatments are covered under insurance.

If you are person that suffers from excessive sweating, I think this is worth looking into.