First Look! Check out Yellowjacket, New Marvel Villain in “Ant-Man” Movie!

Is it just me or are super villains become more and more bad ass in these films! I think you will agree that villains like Ultron, Loki, The Joker, Magneto, Bane, and Thanos have pushed the envelope on the danger we see in action films. Well get ready to add Yellowjacket to that list! Yellowjacket is the villain  and archenemy of the hero Ant-Man in the upcoming film. He is armored, weaponized, and has the moral code of well…an angry insect!


Yellowjacket looks more spider-like than wasp-like with his metal appendages. The costume is also far more intimidating than Ant-Man’s, who’s suit is decked with such offensive weaponry. This will surely be a matter of brain power versus gun power and let us just hope our pint-sized hero can take him down. “Never bring an ant suit to a plasma weapon fight!” It is odd that Yellowjacket would be the name of a super villain instead one of Ant-Man’s heroic alter egos. In fact in the comics Ant-Man is Henry Pym and the code name of Yellowjacket is just one of many alter-egos he and his wife, Janer Van Dyne, fought crime under.

You can catch Ant-Man in theaters everywhere this summer, July 17, 2015.

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