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First Look: Elizabeth Banks as “Rita Repulsa” in New Power Rangers Movie!

It looks like Elizabeth Banks has definitely shed her Pitch Perfect and Hunger Games roots! It was announced late last year that she had signed to portray the original nemesis of The Power Rangers, Rita Repulsa, in the cinematic reboot of the popular series. They definitely went a completely different route with her look, as she does not resemble the original character by any means. Honestly, we do not mind it! Everything from her gold talons, the chic-ness of her mean green costume, and even that snatched pony tail scream villainous bitch! The green may be a direct reference to the Green Ranger, the sixth Power Ranger who was initially evil and commands the Dragonzord.

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Rita Repulsa’s original appearance in “Power Rangers” series

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Still, she puts us in mind of another Power Ranger villainess. Does the name “Divatox” ring a bell? As you may recall, Divatox was the primary antagonist of the Power Rangers Turbo series. The costume’s mask, the pony tail, and talons are all reminiscent of her. We just wonder what kind of villain will she be?

This new film seems to be following the suit of other traditionally kid friendly series turned movies as of late, having somewhat of a realistic and serious tone. If so, we should get an awesome balance of humor and action similar to 2014’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You just be sure to catch Elizabeth come March 27, 2017! It’ll truly be “Morphin’ Time” for millions nationwide!

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