First Sights of Jay Z and Beyonce After Surveillance Footage Leak

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As the world continues to buzz about the surveillance footage of Solange Knowles and Jay Z fighting in an elevator hip hops #1 couple finds time to squeeze in some entertainment. The evening of May 12, 2014 Beyonce and Jay Z sat front and center on the Brooklyn Nets court with somewhat forced smiles. (Seen Below)


Less than 24 hours the couple boldly and courageously sat before the world to to seen. Although, this may have been unexpected it shows the unity amongst one another giving an unspoken statement.


In signature Beyonce style there still hasn’t been an official statement or discussion publicly made, which is not surprising. I mean have we really forgotten that she has yet to acknowledge the birth of her younger brother almost half a decade ago?


For over a decade the musically inclined couple hasn’t had any kind of severe scandal or trouble surface about the relationship. Having a situation as this like right before the world has us all wondering, how could this happen? What caused for this to happen? and most importantly, what were they saying?


While at the Brooklyn Nets game the couple sat close to one another as usual and seem quite unbothered by the release of the footage.

As the greats all say, “The show must go one.”

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