Fit & Fab 2018 Top 5 Trending Athletic Fashion Steals

You don’t have to be Fit & Fab to have worn these trending athletic fashions. But, I bet you have these athletic steals in your closet.

Athleisure has been the dominant trend of the year. Becoming the new casual wear, athleisure is a combination of both business casual and sportswear. Becoming its own category within fashion, athleisure is now everywhere and on everyone at any given time. In a versatile way, the fit and fab trend is both durable and comfortable. A trend fit for the culture, designers have added a modern touch to track pants, sweats, and sportswear this season.

Ugly Tennis Shoes

We all love ugly tennis shoes just admit it. It’s so ugly it’s cute. We look to find the beauty in everything in what others cannot. So why do we find this trend ugly? Maybe it’s the color, or bulkiness or simply that it’s unbalanced. That’s probably why we love these shoes so much because of its basic, minimalist approach.


Old School Sport Brands

Classic sportswear brands are back on trend. Bringing back a touch of nostalgia and pop culture. The year of 2017 has been pushing for the eighties and nineties. The revival of this renewed obsession has been dominating the athleisure trend. Classic activewear brands have entered back into the industry such as Fila, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, Reebok, Kappa, and Umbro.

Crop Tops

Midriffs are having a moment, expect they include long sleeves and high necklines. With a more comfortable style, crop tops have become more fashionable yet sporty.



The biggest shoe trend of the summer. Slide sandals are still pushing through. Pool slides, Adidas slides, and Fenty x Puma slides are still at the top, as the most trendsetting athletic fashion. Pool slide slippers are now apart of luxury brands like Gucci, Valentino, and Givenchy.

Varsity Tracksuits

Between varsity jackets and tracksuit trousers, we can’t help but reminisce about our first love varsity sweatsuits. Juicy Couture recently had a revival, and that’s enough reason why you should be wearing a tracksuit right now. The tailored matching sportswear is now integrated with high fashion. More than workout gear, a sportswear line, or convenience. Athletic fashion is for fashion-forward women that aren’t afraid to dominate a phenomenon.

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