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Fit or Fake: The Real Truth About Your Fitness Trainer

Fit or Fake: The Real Truth About Your Fitness Trainer

Fit or Fake???
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As you’re scrolling through Instagram, you suddenly feel somewhat of a loathing feeling —every fitness trainer has that perfect body, that you just can’t seem to achieve. You stand there in front of the mirror, sucking your belly in and pooching your bum out. Thinking, when are those long grueling days with your trainer going to begin to pay off. There’s a secret amongst fitness trainer’s that you might not know…

Guess who is getting plastic surgery to achieve a perfect body? Kim Kardashian you say? Nope, guess again. Black Chynna? Not even. Actually, it could possibly be your trainer that’s been busting your ass on a daily with burpees, and enough crunches that will make you want to earl yesterday’s lunch. According to an article from New York Magazine online, “Your Trainer’s Secret”, prominent Manhattan plastic surgeons, have reported that liposuction is regularly performed on personal trainers, aerobic instructors, fitness pros, athletes, and bodybuilders. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Helen Colen says,” that such fitness for life types make up for 20 percent of her business.” And honestly what trainer, is going to share their secret that a butt augmentation or a lift was performed to give them that nice shaped peach emoji butt, or that liposuction was done to give them the unattainable and enviable thigh gap. Of course not, how else could a trainer convince you to give half-a-year’s hard earned salary for their services.

Fitness trainer’s have problematic areas just like the rest of us. They work just as hard as you, and they can’t seem to get rid of the pesky arm fat or the baby muffin top. Plastic surgery is the easier option. Instead of 2 years of working out, results can be achieved in an hour and thirty minutes with a scalpel and some suctioning. So the next time you’re scrolling through Instagram or you walk into the gym, and begin the self- induced body shaming — Stop It! You are after all working towards being fit the right way, and not the fake way.


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