#FitFriday: Supplement Your Health With Vitamins!

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Vitamins are essential for people of all ages as part of a healthy diet.

They build your immune system, metabolize food into energy, support growth, synthesize hormones and activate enzymes for proper functioning of your body. Without vitamins, your body would not be able to function and maintain itself. A vitamin deficiency could be severe enough to result in a critical condition or even death. This is why incorporating a vitamin routin while on your weight loss journey is crucial.

While on my journey, I lost lots of my hair because of vitamin deficiencies. Think of it this way, you eat less food get less nutritients. Nutrients that you need for mental, physical and emotional health, these things do come from our food.

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This week, I will share with you the vitamins that you should take daily to supplement during your journey. 

Immune System

Vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants that build and enhance your immune system. As these vitamins strengthen your immune system, they reduce your risk of illness. This could range from preventing a cold to reducing your risk of heart disease and cancer. When you are injured, vitamin C helps the wound heal quickly. Though vitamin K is not an antioxidant, it also helps mend your injuries by allowing your blood to clot to prevent further blood loss.

Growth and Maintenance

Vitamin A is required for the development of sperm and ovaries as well as normal growth over the years. It also continuously grows new cells for your skin, bones and hair to maintain their development and strength. Vitamin A is also well known for maintaining and strengthening your eyesight and night vision. Vitamin D enhances calcium absorption to promote bone growth, and the B vitamins maintain the health of your nervous system.

Metabolizing Food into Energy

One of the main reasons you eat is to fuel your body with the energy it needs for the day. The B vitamins are responsible for metabolizing the carbohydrates, protein and fat from food that you eat into energy. After the food is metabolized into energy, it is then ready to be released and can be distributed to be used throughout your body. 

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Please visit your healthcare provider to see where you are deficient and get those vitamins to supplement for ultimate health and make it a habit to take them daily. You can also supplement with the right foods that are vitamin rich. Your body needs and deserves it!


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