FitFridays: Fail to Plan or Plan to Fail – Meal Planning on a Budget!

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Oftentimes, I am asked what has been the key to my weight loss success. Simply put, meal planning and prepping have been instrumental in my success. I am positive that others on a weight loss journey can attest to this! “But why is this considered a major key Che?” You have heard the saying “stay ready so you won’t have to get ready?” Same applies! If you are prepared, you will not fail. Fail to plan or plan to fail! By planning, it takes the guesswork out of your daily routine and creates a habit which will aid in your success. Weight loss is 80% nutrition, 20% fitness.

There is a misconception that eating healthy and meal planning is expensive. Look at it this way: either spend the money now on simple whole foods or spend the money later on medicines.

Jasmin Fitzpatrick (@jazzy_mrs), a Herbalife distributor, who has been on a fitness journey to GAIN weight began incorporating meal planning and prepping for herself and her clients, she affirms that “meal planning and prepping are undoubtedly the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Not only does it ensure that you maintain that lifestyle but it also saves you time and money; who wouldn’t mind those savings?” She advises her clients to view meal prepping and planning as “your accountability partner because in a sense that is what it adds to your journey.” If you are one that lives a busy life and cannot find the time to make the right choices, there are companies like hers that will take your goals into consideration, prepare and deliver the foods to you.

Meal Prep
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Here are some steps you should take for meal planning on a budget:

  • Plan your meals out and write them down (Each day of the week – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks)
  • Use sites like Pinterest (there are pictures and recipes that you can incorporate in your plan)
  • Set a budget and stick to it (create a list from your meal plan and only buy those things)
  • Frequent your local farmer’s markets (they have the freshest produce at the best prices)
  • If you are unable to be disciplined with prepping, hire a professional like @jazzy_mrs that will take your macros and goals into consideration and do the work for you.
  • Your meals should include a lean protein (50%), vegetables (40%) and a smart carb. (10%) Lean Protein: Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Tofu, Fish, Shrimp
    Vegetables: Fresh green vegetables like broccoli, Brussel sprouts, kale, collard greens,  cauliflower, green beans
    Smart Carbohydrate: sweet potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, lentils, beans, nuts, and seeds
  • Finally, DECIDE TO WIN and eliminate excuses. You can eat healthily and on a budget!



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