HOT Or HMM? The Ultimate Flare/Wide Leg Pants.

IMG 0010
Right: Ralph Lauren wide leg pant suit

2017 has been full of fashion trends from denim, athletic GUCCI socks, to blonde bobs! But, we can’t mention trends without the ultimate wide leg, flare and bell bottom pants.

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GUCCI embellished denim flare pant suit 2017 Spring/Summer collection

Flare and wide leg pants have never been a trend to turn into a fad. Since its introduction in the 1960’s to its transitions to the 1970’s. Flare has been one of my favorite trends as a child, and has remained the favorite for many fashionistas for decades. There are many ways that flare and wide leg pants have been worn for every decade and every personality. Such as, a hippie bohemian style, maybe a pantsuit or during the summer for the beach or night out.

Seems like over the last decade the fashion world may have discredited or stated flare and wide leg or(what some call as bell bottoms) were out of style. But, in 2017 if you don’t have either style, there is something wrong going on in your life! What makes wide leg pants unforgettable? Is it that this style can work for anyone, from tall to short if worn correctly.

International designers like Gucci, Hottie and Lord and Ralph Lauren 2017 collections has giving us flare and wide leg from all angles. Some online clothing stores are providing similar styles or there own for wide and flare pants to make affordable for shoppers on a budget. Clothing sites such as Kloset Envy, ASOS or designer Hanifa can provide this trend from casual, jean, jogger or beach wear.

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Hanifa wide and flare pant
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Left: Gucci jogger $1,980-Right: Kloset Envy Red track pants $42

So, is flare, wide leg and bell bottom HOT or HMM?, Lets just say this style has always and will also be a favorite for women. Whether its the 60’s 70’s or NOW, Wide leg and flare pants are everything!  So what’s your favorite way to wear your ultimate flare pants?

Shanice Shantelle

Fashion Writer

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