Flawless Beauty Starts With Food

Mom always said, “eat your veggies.”   We cried, threw tantrums and even found places to hide them, but it’s like they say,”mother knows best.”  Eating the right vegetables and other foods can do wonders for the hair and skin.


Benefits for the Skin:


Photo Credit: aitonline.tv
Photo Credit: aitonline.tv

If you are a peanut lover, this snack contains omega 3 (alpha linolenic acid.) Studies show that people with eczema, dry skin, lack this component. Add this to your diet to increase moisture to your skin.

How to do it: Try sprinkling walnuts on top of your salad to add crunch and flavor to your salad.



Yellow Bell Peppers

Photo credit: Bonnieplants.com
Photo credit: Bonnieplants.com

This flavorful pepper is packed with antioxidants,which helps fight aging.  We all want to look our youngest! Fight wrinkles with yellow bell peppers.

How to do it: Cut this pepper in half and rinse.  Bake eggs sunny side up and stuff the pepper. Bake the pepper, and there you have it. Stuffed peppers packed with protein and antioxidants.


For The Hair:



PhotoCredit: the star.com
PhotoCredit: the star.com

This leafy treat stores vitamin A , Itron, And Vitamin C. That’s a lot of benefits! Spinach helps moisturize the hair and fight against breakage.

How to Do it: In your salads, swap iceberg lettuce with spinach.




Photo credit: queenbeefresh.com
Photo credit: queenbeefresh.com

This berry also helps preserve a younger look, they help fight premature gray hairs!

How to do it: Put together a berry mix for a snack; strawberries, grapes, raspberries and blueberries. Add yogurt and there it is!



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