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Flo Rida Drops new International single “Hola”

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Release |

Flo Rida drops his latest single “Hola” and it features Latin urban sensation Maluma, introducing him to the American Pop airwaves. After releasing this international single just four days ago, “Hola” is charting in the Top 50 at #39. That won’t surprise anybody who’s followed Flo Rida’s career up to this point as he’s found a formula to produce countless international hits and continuous commercial success.

Here’s a quote from a recent Flo Rida interview as he speaks on his upcoming album.

“My next album is going to be global and that’s what I want, that’s what I’m working for. I’m really grateful because Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy was a great album, but I think that the best is yet to come with my next album,” he told the outlet. “I’m going to have the opportunity to sing in English and do Spanglish songs. So I think that’s going to be the next step.”

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Performances |

Flo Rida is cashing in on the commercial appeal this song has, as he introduced it to the world at the 18th Latin Grammy Awards. Following the success of that performance, Flo Rida is set to perform at the 2017 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Review |

While his newest song sounds like his last song and his last song sounds like his first song. Flo Rida’s career, since switching from Hip-Hop into the international pop lane, can be summed up with one quote, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” He continues to make international hits, that garner tons of commercial success. But all of his songs are strarting to sound the same. Like he just has a certain formula him and his team continue to run back to, to try and have the same commercial success as the last. Well, hidden samples, international sound and an international voice behind it and you will hear Flo Rida in every commercial and soundtrack after that.

This track combines Flo Rida singing on the hook with Maluma coming in with two verses, one which is in Spanish. Flo Rida’s lone verse is decent at best but gets the job done for this particular track. It goes in line with his formula that he uses on all his tracks. It also falls in line with the quote from his recent interview saying he wants to make a more global connection with this next album.

Flo Rida’s newest single “Hola” featuring Maluma is available now, on all streaming services.

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