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Flockaland Stay(+)

Flockaland Sets Out to Stay Positive

Atlanta based designer, Flockaland is steadily building a cult following for her innovative brand Stay (+).

A true advocate of positivity, Flockaland’s brand could easily stand as a representation of young people setting out to do good in the world. But where did she find the passion to create a fashion line? “To be honest, I really didn’t choose the career of being a fashion designer, it chose me. This wasn’t my passion at first I was in and out of the medical field but I had an idea to wear and embody positivity through clothing. ”


Flockaland x Stay(+)

She has had an amazing response to the brand, however admits she was skeptical in the beginning. “I really didn’t think anyone would like it, but in this world we need a positive message and that’s what my brand is bringing to everyone. Each person that has come in counter with Stay(+) loves it and it’s representations.” Recently Flockaland decided to expand the brand to a product that many in the black community are familiar with. The new line of Stay(+) durags are made in an array of colors which will surely be a hit among men and women alike.

Flockaland x Stay(+)Flockaland x Stay(+)Flockaland x Stay(+)Flockaland x Stay(+) durag

“I’ve been wanting to create durags for a couple of years now. In the urban community, I feel like we are important to the fashion industry, but we never get any credit.” She went on to say, “I made it for the culture, for the ones not afraid to embrace our urban community outside of urban areas and giving the credit where it’s due. Durags have been a fashion statement, I just wanted to add a little spice to it.”

Though it may be tough to for small businesses to thrive in today’s economy, Flockaland remains optimistic about the future of Stay(+). “It’s really about strategic marketing and more exposure for my brand at this point. Right now I’m focused on pop-up shops and event collaborations that embody the brand’s positive vibes. So when it comes to expanding the best is yet to come.”  With such a positive message who knows the heights that this brand could reach. Just like her motto says, “Live life, stay positive”.

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