Floppy Hats: The Bigger, the Better

Accessories can definitely make or break an outfit and I say go bold or go home, especially when it comes to hats.  There is nothing better than completing a perfect Fall outfit with a floppy felt hat.  This is one of those trends that was almost always associated with the boho chic fashionista instead of mainstream.  However, over the years and most recently, wearing a floppy felt hat has become the “thing” to do.

Wearing a floppy felt hat in the Fall can hide a bad hair day or enhance a great hair day…very versatile depending on what you have going on that day.  They come in the signature black and tan styles, but also they can come in bold red and cobalt hues as well.  I love them because they can turn an ordinary laid back casual look into something a bit more interesting, as Kourtney Kardashian shows in her everyday errand outfit to the right.

See my picks below.  How are you going to rock this trend this Fall?

Floppy hats

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