Hot Or Hmm? Flower Power!

Are you a flower child? If not, you can’t help but indulge in the floral print trend emerging throughout fashion this year.

floral fashion trend 2017

For Fall/Winter 2016-2017 collections, designers showcased floral print ensembles down the runway. And for the Spring/Summer this trend has continued to sore. With New York Fashion Week starting September 4, I’m sure to see floral from some of my favorite designers. Currently, designers Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Micheal Kors to Salvatore Ferragamo have provided floral print designs for 2017’s summer trend.

IMG 0065

So, to my fellow flower children is this trend HOT or HMM?

Floral prints can come in of many forms. Styles that consist in the form of pants, shoes, tops and of course sundresses. This year flower inspiration has been provided fashionable trends from  head-to-toe literally!. Balenciaga collection was for the ultimate flower child expo. Balenciaga has created many ensembles for the Spring 2017 collection from top, pant to even the shoe blending into everything in one. Some celebrities have been seen showcasing their flower power. Below Rihanna rock Balenciaga floral pant and matching bootie for Dj Khaled’s Wild Thoughts video.

But, can too much flower be too much?. For example, not long ago so many people were not flattered with Kim Kardashian West’s fashion choice at the 2013 Met Gala while pregnant with daughter North West. Was Mrs.West ahead of the game or regardless if it was 2013 or 2017 this outfit choice wasn’t’t her best? No matter, floral print seems to have always been a Yes, I love it or No, its a catastrophe!

2013 Met Gala Kim Kardashian West

Flowers are girls best friend, and this trend is perfect for summer especially sundresses. So if you’ve ever been uneasy about taking a risk with floral print. Always remember you can never go wrong with a sundress. From dresses to pants suit it looks like floral is here to stay.

And, maybe just maybe all of this flower power can increase positive attitudes with a little bit of peace!


Shanice Shantelle

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