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Foodie Friday: Victory Sandwich Bar

“If you go to Victory Sandwich Bar, you have to try the famous Jack & Coke slushie.”

I finally ventured into Victory Sandwich Bar on a lazy Sunday after it being on my places to try list. I was looking for a chill spot to enjoy the warmness of the spring air. It’s quite the casual spot; it’s very open and airy and you seat yourself. I headed for the bar because who needs a huge table for one. Bars are low key my favorite place to sit because one, you get your drink(s) faster and two, the bartenders give great recommendations.

Being a first timer I asked the bartender what drink I should try. “You have to try the famous Jack & Coke slushie.” I’m not a whiskey drinker by any stretch of the imagination, however, I am down to try new things. What could be so bad about an adult beverage in a slushie form? NOTHING! Victory Sandwich Bar is known for this genius drink and I was pleasantly surprised at how refreshing it was. If you’re not a whiskey drinker like myself the idea may be off putting but it just works!

Victory Sandwich Bar – Jack and Coke Slushie

It’s not just all about the drinks, it is a sandwich bar.

Here’s a tip. The sandwiches are small so if you just need a light snack, one will do. If you want a meal I’d suggest ordering two or three. I ordered the Mile High Club which is chicken, bacon, ham, avocado, fontina, dijon along with the Boss Hog which is smoked pork, carolina bbq, vic slaw. These are small sandwiches that pack a big punch and highly recommendable. If you’re looking for a new place to try, give this sandwich bar a shot.

They’re located in Downtown Decatur and are open daily 11AM-late. You can find them on Facebook to stay up to date with all of their happenings. This is a great first date option, late night option or an option to just chill and hang with friends. If you’ve tried Victory Sandwich Bar, leave your recommendations in the comment section. Ciao!


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