Foods that have a Negative Impact on your Skin

So Good, Yet So Bad


It’s safe to say most of us love our skin. Many of us love food as well. But sometimes, what we love doesn’t love us back. Some of our favorite foods aren’t very kind to our skin. Trying to keep it clear isn’t just about drinking water. It also has to do with what we put in our bodies. These are some of the foods that have a negative impact on your skin.

It’s so convenient to just grab a sandwich when you’re on the go but some breads contain glucose and too much of it can increase weight gain.

baguette bakery blur 461060Fried Foods
Burgers, chicken and fries oh my! All of these foods contain way too much grease to do your skin any justice.

A dairy product, so of course it has to go in the no pile. Cheese has been known to clog pores, which will cause acne.


The love of chocolate may be the root of your skin problems. Besides the fact that it’s filled with sugar, and that can make you break out as well.

Clearly a triple threat; bread, cheese and grease! Nothing is safe anymore.

cheese delicious dinner 2232Anything in excess is not good. But, as long as you eat these foods sparingly, you don’t have to cut out your favorites altogether. Yes, drinking water can cleanse your body and flush out built-up oil but watching what we consume goes a long way in maintaining healthy skin.

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