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For The Working Woman: Spotting Signs of Burnout and its Treatment

For The Working Woman: Spotting Signs of Burnout and its Treatment



Several days come to our lives when we cannot be as good as an expert and we think we are. Certain mornings we wake up feeling like we can do anything, but cannot wake up to go the work. And if we can realize whatsoever from the propagation of terms like “hump day” and “Friyay” we are not unaccompanied in thoughts like this.

Burnout is a state of physical, mental, and emotional fatigue instigated by extreme and sustained stress. It sometimes occurs, where we often do not find ourselves able to fulfill continuous demands that others want us to perform. Burnout can be a result of our experience with a form of our labor, paid jobs, house chores or rearing children as housewives.

Burnout is a steady progression that can sneak up on us or on anyone. We may acknowledge these burnout vibes as a result of some bad luck or “bad week”, but it can also prolong to make our good times, very bad ones for us. It causes a reduction in our productivity and leads to a lack of energy of ours. It can lead to a severe level of illness or vulnerability and can leave quite pessimistic effects on our mood and relationships. Burnout ultimately makes us feel cynical, exhausted, and scant.

Here are 10 signs of Burnout to be on the lookout for:

  1. You are constantly thinking about your workplace and work when you are at home
  2. You are drinking to get rid of work
  3. You are not able to go to sleep as your work thoughts are disturbing you
  4. You are facing problems while memorizing things
  5. You are devouring more days to do work because of sickness or inability able to face it
  6. You are suffering from headaches or neck pain
  7. You are finding yourself more disposed to colds and tummy bugs
  8. You find yourselves doing lots of silly things and mistakes
  9. You find that you are becoming careless regarding your work
  10. You are thinking about finding a new job or new opportunity for career building

These are several consequences that urge to find out the solution to all problems that lead to burnout. All symptoms exposed above can function as warnings to let yourselves to change the scenario in which you are working and living.

After the identification of all the above signs, it becomes significant to find a solution to getting rid of these problems in general and from burnout in particular. Help and recommendations of a psychologist can help a lot to recover this issue of burnout, while on the other hand anti-burnout workshops are also helpful in this regard.

“Job crafting” is one of the significant interventions that can help those who are suffering from burnout or extreme stress. It includes re-establishment of the ways in which you perform all your duties at your workplace, to make it more lovable, relaxing and satisfactory for you.

Job crafting can possibly happen in three major domains: we can decrease the intensity of stress, creating tasks and chores that one who is suffering from burnout is supposed to perform, healthy activities and challenges can be increased, and we can also enhance all available resources to use to perform our roles. This leads to getting more positive feedback and social support, leading toward more accurate process or learning abilities of new skills. It can transform the way we work and think, to improve our working relationships, substitute constructive experiences, and above all, prevent burnout to live a balance yet stress-free life!

Lastly, three indirect ways of asking for help. No matter how willing and multi-tasking all these women are, somehow they need help to complete their tasks. Doctors recommend following three methods to get the needed help-without directly asking for it: Say “no” more often, stop saying “yes” for every task to do, and practice saying “no” for the things that you believe others can also do. In this way, women will be able to cut short the tasks that they are supposed to perform.

Schedule time for yourself. You should make a list of your personal needs that you must have to perform in order to take care of yourself, just the way you program medical and personal care appointments, and other undertakings for all members of your family. As “women often make themselves last priority,” Dr. Gonsalves articulates, “I encourage my patients to schedule a time for exercise and personal interests, and get at least seven hours of sleep each night.”

Appreciate others’ contributions. Stop thinking that you are the only skilled person of your family who can perform all things in a flawless way. You can do this by giving others a margin to perform all their works on their own, like asking and permitting your children to set their beds on their own, and urging everyone to clear the mess that they have created. Thank and appreciate your husband for doing groceries and shopping, even though his expertise are not matching with yours.


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