Former Denver Broncos Adrian Robinson Takes Life

Former Broncos player Adrian Robinson Jr. has reportedly committed suicide by hanging this past Saturday.


Robinson, who played six games with the Denver Broncos during their Super Bowl season in 2013, was 25. He was a linebacker from Temple University and after entering the NFL played with various teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers where he played 12 games as an undrafted rookie in 2012 and was then traded to the Philadelphia Eagles after being exchange for running back Felix Jones late in the preseason of 2013. After waiving eight days from the Eagles trade, Robinson moved to the Denver Broncos to assist while Von Miller was on a six-game suspension.

Robinson mostly played on special teams and was waived after the Broncos’ sixth game for receiver Tavarres King.

His last message via Twitter, which was posted on May 12, was of him in his Broncos uniform (No. 57) and giving a “five” to his defensive teammate Shaun Philips with the caption: “Summer and the laugh of my daughter make me believe in God.”


Even though Robinson was only a member of the Broncos team for seven weeks the tragic loss reminds the organization that Robinson is now the fourth player to pass before 25. Cornerback Darrent Williams was murdered during a drive-by shooting in January 2007. Running back Damien Nash died of cardiac-related causes in February 2007 and receiver Kenny McKinley committed suicide with a gunshot wound in September 2010.

Condolences go out to Adrian Robinson’s family, may you rest in peace.

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