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Former DST Member MeToya Monroe Says Her Undergrad Chapter Informed Her About The Casting Of ‘Sorority Sisters’

Former DST Member MeToya Monroe Says Her Undergrad Chapter Informed Her About The Casting Of ‘Sorority Sisters’

After the cancellation of VH1’s  “Sorority Sisters,” it resulted in suspensions and expulsions for some of its cast mates.

Alpha Kappa Alpha  decided to place its members April McCrae and Rwanda Hammond on suspension from their Omega grad chapters until 2016.

What did have some people in the Greek community on opposing sides was when Delta Sigma Theta followed with a much harsher punishment for its participants – expulsion.

Among the Deltas who were subjected to expulsion was MeToya Monroe. The mother of one managed to remain pretty peaceful throughout the duration of the show but even that wasn’t enough to save her member status.

She gave an interview to urban blog theJasmineBrand and opened up about how DST sent her an email about the casting, her choice of action against the organization and more.

Check out some highlights below:

On her career prior to joining reality television:

Actually, the same thing I’m doing now. I am a critical project manager. I work for a contract agency. I manage clinical trials. I’ve been working in that business now going on 8 years.

On her undergrad chapter [Kappa Delta] being the provider of information about the casting:

Interestingly enough I got an email from my chapter. The Deltas actually informed me of the casting of the show. I still have the email from the organization. They sent it out to everyone in the chapter about a new show coming out. 

On the date in which DST sent the email regarding the casting:

2 years ago I think June 13th.

On if she was fairly edited and portrayed on the show:

I do, I’m real real. I don’t like the blame and editing. I don’t personally so I feel like I was edited the way that Metoya is and I don’t even have anything bad to say about it.

On what was surprising about filming reality television:

Filming, I just had to get use to the stop and go and the unexpected. I think for me, because I’ve never done reality TV before, the thing that I think is in every reality TV show is that element of surprise. That part is where you get the real reaction.

On the network telling the cast that the show was ending:

Yeah, they did. It was mainly because people were judging the book on the first chapter instead of reading the whole book. So they thought that it would be best if they put the entire product out while they could. Which I appreciated that instead of actually just cancelling it. You know, just dump the rest of the story. I appreciated them for allowing our whole story to be seen by the world.

On why some Greeks didn’t receive the show positively:

The misconception of representing an organization on a show because of a name. What people fail to realize is that is what brought us all together. What else did we all have in common? Yes, we are all business owners but how else would we meet.

On receiving death threats:

That is very true. Some of them were other Greeks. Mostly they were Greeks, people who were non-Greeks didn’t really get why people were so upset.

On informing headquarters about her participation on the show:

 No, I did not contact nationals or headquarters. I did inform a few members of my chapter other than my line sisters. A few of them considered it but I’m sure they’ll never tell you guys that or the public.

On not being surprised about the expulsion:

Not really. Once I got initial letter that said that they were going to investigate my behavior I just knew right then. I still believe that my behavior did not warrant me to be expelled from Delta Sigma Theta. I feel like I represented myself and my organization well.

On not fighting against the expulsion:

To be honest with you, no. That’s because I tend to look at things a lot differently. God knew this would happen before it did and I know that everything happens for a reason. He had this happen for a reason. What that is I don’t know, but I always trust in him. I know I’ve been blessed because of that. I still look at this as a opportunity. It was a blessing to open up eyes and doors to many other things.

On her DST process forever being a part of her:

I feel like I will always have that part of me. You can’t take any of that away. You can’t take away my process. You can’t take away the things that I’ve learned. I feel that will always be a part of me. But I’m always going to be Metoya first.

On how some of her LS’ treated her after the show aired:

 It has been absolutely horrific. My line sisters – I have a few that reached out. The other ones remained silent and to me silence is still a answer. The sad part is when the show came out, we [the chapter] had a ‘Group Me’. They were talking about me in the group me. I don’t think they realized I was included in the group me. I didn’t speak up because you want to see how people really feel. The sad part is once they knew I was included and I was expelled, they removed me but the conversation kept going.

On the misconception about her decision to do the show:

I guess that I did it for the money or that I needed Delta to be who I am. I didn’t do it for fame and I darn sure didn’t do it for money. I’m not trying to brag but I’m a project manager in the critical field. You can look that up and see how much money I make. I really did it for inspiration.

Check out the full interview here.

What do you think of Monroe’s points? Are they valid enough to redeem her?


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