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Foundation vs. BB Cream

So many of us (well, maybe not so many) know that there are some major differences between BB Cream and foundation. For my beginner makeup users, BB Cream stands for “beauty or blemish cream”. Both are typically used to hide our imperfections, however there are also several vast differences between the two. I will outline five of these differences below.

1. Coverage- Foundation is usually thicker than BB Cream. Now this does not necessarily mean that BB Cream is better because it is lighter, it simply depends on what your preference is for coverage. If you’re looking for a lighter and more natural finish,  I would suggest BB Cream, but if you’re looking for something with more coverage, foundation should be your go to.

2. Color Range- BB Cream typically does not come in as many shades as foundation, therefore it is more difficult to blend. Hint: Since it is lighter than foundation, you don’t need to use as much for coverage so that makes it easier to blend in with your natural skin tone.

3. Great for Skin- Foundation is great for giving people the illusion that you have perfect, flawless skin with no imperfections. Although BB Cream does not provide as much coverage, it is better for your skin. There are many benefits in BB Cream that assist in helping clear your skin in addition to it lasting for most of the day.

4. Application- BB Cream is meant to where on an everyday basis so you are able to apply it to your face using your fingers. Unlike foundation, you do not need to use a brush to appropriately apply BB Cream.

5. Moisturizer- As I’ve previously stated, BB Cream is meant for everyday use. It contains a built-in primer and moisturizer that allows it to really settle into your skin. Although foundation may give you an airbrushed finished, BB Cream does not give you that “cake face” look. If you want more coverage, simply apply more BB Cream… just don’t overdo it!

As the saying goes- “to each its own”. No, one isn’t worse than the other, it is only a matter of what you prefer when applying your makeup and what type of finish you’d like to see. If you’re going for a more natural, everyday look, definitely stick to BB Cream. If you’re hitting the club and you’re feeling fierce! and FLAWLESS!, foundation is the way to go.


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