Is the fountain of youth real? Annette Larkins 70 year old Vegan

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Meet Annette Larkins the “Ageless” Raw Vegan, who found the fountain of youth.

Destined to have control over the quality of food she ingested and digested, Larkins changed her nature of life.

We’ve all heard the saying “Black don’t crack“, but, Larkins took it one step further. Over twenty-six years ago, Annette Larkins decided to start living a more sustainable life as a raw vegan. A plant based diet consisting mainly of fruit, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. After loosing her mother and grandmother to breast cancer, she wanted to avoid the same fate encouraging herself to seek more improvements. The first effort to detoxify the body, then to strive to consume the most nutritional substances for fuel and sustainability.

Starting her own garden, Larkins grows bananas, mulberries, mangos, lettuce, collards, spinach, turnips, tomatoes and other veggies. As well as producing her own skin and hair care products. Using essential oils, bee’s wax, glycerin, and herbs.

You too, can start your find the fountain of youth by purchasing her booklets: Journey to Health, Journey to Health 2 and 3. Both offering inspiration to those seeking a journey to health. The DVD “Annette’s Raw Kitchen” also an instructional manual to show how to prepare non-cooked foods with a fun kitchen experience.

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