Fox Renews “The Simpsons” For Two More Seasons

The longest running scripted primetime series is looking to extend its record even further. FOX has announced that they will be renewing The Simpsons for two more seasons.


I guess its competition, Family Guy, will have to wait a while longer to take the throne because America’s favorite animated cartoon family has no plans to hand over the crown just yet. FOX is giving The Simpsons another two seasons with 22-episodes for each which will bring their total to 625-episodes for the yellow, dysfunctional family. The Simpsons became the longest-running scripted primetime series after beating out Gunsmoke six-years ago!

Surprisingly, the animated series still brings in big numbers for FOX which is why they haven’t decided to part ways with the family yet. Their demographic ranges from ages 18-34 with the majority being males.

I guess we will get to spend more time with the most beloved family of Springfield. Let the good times roll. Bring in the Duff beer and doughnuts! Congratulations to The Simpsons!

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