Fragrance Fix: A cool way to step your scent game up!

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When the seasons change, so should the type of cologne and/or perfume that we use. But who can forget about those lovely scents we enjoy wearing all year long. Here are some tips to shake up your normal routine when it comes to using a classic scent.

  1. Try pairing one scent with another. Now just because you love CK One Summer doesn’t mean that you should mix it with Bang! by Marc Jacobs. When mixing scents, the key factor is that both scents should have similar undertones whether its amber, vanilla, musk, etc. You want the combination to mesh well, not clash.
  2. Always use a perfume or cologne as a base. By utilizing a specific scent as a base, you can apply other scents to create a perfect combination. Your next layer may be an oil that brings out the cologne to its fullest potential.
  3. START IN THE SHOWER!!! Layering scents can last all day and night if you take the time and start with soap that not only deodorizes, but leaves your skin feeling clean, soft, and smelling great.
  4. Use a scented lotion as a base too!!! This can work as a layer of scent and moisture to thirsty skin.
  5. Try using new fragrances that are out of your comfort zone. Each scent smells different on skin and you will never know if the scent compliments your body if you don’t try it!!

I have some combinations that I developed myself and I enjoy the marriage between great scents. Some of them include:

  • Forever by Mariah Carey folded with London by Burberry
  • Creed mixed with Seductive by Guess
  • Gold by Kim Kardashian mixed with Lady Million by Paco Rabanne
  • Black Carat mixed with Flight by Michael Jordan
  • Heavenly Sent by Victoria’s Secret incorporated with Nude by Rihanna
  • Love by Coach mixed with Mariah Carey’s Luscious Pink
  • Paris Hilton in South Beach fused with Playboy Lovely

Remember, your choice of fragrance should reflect your personality and style. But its ok to step outside the lines sometimes. The reaction from others will make the scent well worth it!


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