Fragrance Friday: Kimberly New York

Kimberly New York is a fragrance brand that has something wonderful for every fragrance lover!


Inspired by life, Kimberly New York has fragrances that will smell good no matter the occasion. Each fragrance in the line has a theme surrounding it. Kimberly Walker, the owner, worked as a manager for a niche fragrance in Manhattan and loved the reaction of the clients when they sampled a particular fragrance. Take a look at what she has to offer for fragrance lovers everywhere!



This sweet and delicious fragrance is chocolate heavy. The notes in this scent are dark chocolate, mint and sugar cookies. How could you not like this warming scent?



Fresh. Fruity. Fun. This fragrance is inspired by the art of the spoken word. Flowing perfectly, this scent will have you snapping your fingers all day. White peach, sandalwood and magnolia help this scent speak to your heart.



Indigo Love is described as an easy floral scent. No one can resist the delight of a nice floral fragrance. It is literally spring time freshness in a bottle year round. Sweet tangerine, honeysuckle blossom and cedarwood help this scent flourish into the nose with great delight.

Indigo love


Here is another sweet fragrance from the collection. This fragrance will open with the essence of red crushed candied apples. Already a winner in candied apple lover’s eyes. This note is then followed by violet, marshmallow and sandalwood.



Picture a sexy man of power walking up to you, gazing into your eyes asking you something important, but you can’t remember or respond because he smells so good. This is what he will have on. The masculine scent is opened by orange zest and anise, followed by peppercorn, musk, leather and mahogany. This would be a great addition to any man’s collection or just a lover of fragrance’s collection.


If you are not too sure on what to get, you can get them all! You can purchase the full size bottles, which are 2 fl oz., or you can get smaller sizes in sets. Either way, you just cannot lose with Kimberly New York fragrances.


Photos courtesy of kimberly new york

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