Fragrance Friday: Louis Vuitton’s Les Perfumes

Experience luxury with Louis Vuitton’s Les Perfumes.


The iconic French fashion house has decided to jump into the fragrance market and create a new line of luxurious fragrances for the scent lover. The initial launch includes seven fragrances. Each fragrance has its own unique identity. The nose or creator of the scents is Jacques Cavallier Belletrud and the process of development took about four years. The collection was released in Fall 2016.

LV fragrances 4

Les Perfumes-Light

Apogee is a fragrance that pays homage to the flower Lily of the Valley. In addition to the previously mentioned note, Apogee also has components of rose, jasmine, magnolia and sandalwood. Contre Moi is a lovely and intense scent based on vanilla. The special feature of this fragrance is that it is not an ordinary vanilla not, but that of Madagascar and Tahitian vanillas. Depth is present with additional notes of rose and bitter cocoa. Dans la Peau is a very special fragrance in the Les Perfumes collection by Louis Vuitton. This scent has the infusion of leather straight from the Vuitton workshop. Musk and candied apricot lightens this aromatic adventure up for a pleasing scent.

LV fragrances

Les Perfumes-Dark

For the lover of mystery and intrigue, Matiere Noire is perfect. The mixture of light and dark notes give this scent perfect balance. With notes of agarwood, black currants, and jasmine, your nose cannot deny you the pleasure of having this in your collection. The light can be a warm and comforting feeling, which is why Mille Feux is for you. Leather, saffron, berries and iris help transport you into a space full of warmth. Rose des Vents is particularly sweet and floral, but not obnoxious. Imagine being in a field of roses and a summer breeze washes over. The notes of iris, cedar and pepper help give the illusion of paradise in a bottle. Turbulences is tuberose intoxication in the best way. Jasmine and leather are also in the scent for only the best composition.

LV fragrances 2


The newest addition is Le Jour se Leve. This latest release will be on the shelves in 2018. Notes for this fragrance are bergamot, mandarin orange, musk and magnolia. This scent is great for those that love florals.


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