Fragrance Friday: Sexual Noir + GIVEAWAY

Spray your way into feeling sexy with Sexual Noir.


Everyone likes the feeling of being desired. One way to be the object of someone’s desire is to lure them with a hypnotic fragrance. Nothing is sexier than a man or woman that smells good. On top of that, just think about how nice things would be during a nice little cuddle session and you smell their fragrance. If you want to experience a wonderful scent, pick up Michel Germain’s Sexual Noir.

Michel Germain Séxual Noir


This sexy fragrance kicks things off with a fruity opening. Upon the initial spray, you will notice the lime, strawberry and mandarin orange notes. As the fragrance develops on the skin, patchouli, orchid and jasmine make an appearance. With Sexual Noir, the scent is very inviting and has a warm and familiar base that includes vanilla. This will surely get many fans around you!

Michel Germain Séxual Noir



Pick this up for the guy in your life. This pleasant, masculine scent is sure to be his aromatic signature. Some of the base notes in this fragrance are moss, tobacco and tonka. Before they are revealed, the top notes of Sexual Noir Pour Homme are of a fresh and clean citrus nature. Grapefruit, bergamot and cardamom open this scent, but leads to a middle layer of honey and lavender. All of these notes work perfectly to create something sensually pleasing for all who smell it.

sexual noir homme

Give these fragrances a try. Sexual Noir will make a great couples gift. Even if you are single, you can treat yourself to a new scent. Available in multiple sizes, these creations are great for anyone looking to feel sexy all day long.

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