Fragrance Friday: Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb

This fragrance is so good, it was featured in a song. Have you experienced Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf?


Long before Wale and Miguel got together to sing about a beautiful woman wearing the scent, Viktor and Rolf created a “signature scent” for a lot of people. The rise of Flowerbomb began after its launch in 2005. This eau de parfum is now on icon status.


The Story of Flowerbomb

When working on the Flowerbomb fragrance, Viktor&Rolf wanted to create something new. They dreamt of a fragrance that had the power to spread a positive message.
A profusion of flowers as a weapon to spread the world with beauty and fantasy and to transform the negative into positive (viktor&rolf’s site).



Top: green tea and bergamot

Middle: jasmine, orchid, freesia and rose

Base: patchouli and musk



Flowerbomb is a fragrance that comes in multiple sizes. You can just simply never have too many bottles of the good stuff. Even if you love the scent, but want something lighter, you can buy BLOOM, which is an eau de toilette version of the iconic fragrance.

flowerbomb bloom


Like always, layering will not be an issue. You can clean yourself with the shower gel, moisturize with the lotion and spray the fragrance. If you want to keep the scent lasting all day, but don’t want to take the whole bottle, use the travel size.

flowerbomb cream

If you don’t want to smell like all the other fans of Flowerbomb, you can purchase the  layering oil. This will give your favorite fragrance a new twist. Either way, you can never go wrong with falling in love with this scent.

FB layering oil

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