Franco Vs. Spring Breakers Sequel

By Tiara Harper

There have been talks around the web-o-sphere that there is Spring Breakers sequel in the works. Not exactly a sequel, but somewhat of a spin-off, if you will.

Before the movie can even see the light of day, there is already a critique that predicts the failure and questions the motive of the film, Mr. James Franco.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Franco voiced his discomfort with the film on Instagram yesterday. The film was done without the consent of the original film maker, Harmony Korine, or the actor himself, who played a swagged out rapper by the name of Alien (who was inspired by Florida rapper, Dangeruss). Franco blurts that the movie will be “a terrible film” and that anyone involved with the sequel is “jumping on board a poison ship.”  Franco is pretty much accusing the new production crew of swagger jacking for profit.