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Beware Of fraudulent Mile High Hair Club Owner Natavia Davenport

Beware Of fraudulent Mile High Hair Club Owner Natavia Davenport

As an African American owned and operated business, one of our number one goals is to uplift other African American businesses. This is something business owner Natavia Davenport would do good to learn.

Because of this belief I feel make a point to not only show support for other entrepreneurs but to also educate other business owners on sound business practices and recourse so that we can all grow to have the notoriety and subsequent wealth that we all desire. What I’ll not ever do is support a business with poor customer service and lack of a basic ethics.

Beware Of the fraudulent Mile High Hair Club Owner Natavia Davenport

I say all of this to say, when you enter into an agreement with a business, always make sure that you can hold up your end of the deal. That’s something that luxury hair care line owner and traveling nurse and Business Development Representative at Evans Motorworks Natavia Davenport struggles with.

To give you the short version, Natavia Davenport ultimately is a crook and a liar. She contracts and hires other business owners to do work with her diminishing hair line Mile High Hair Club without paying for any of the services rendered. Natavia Davenport reached out to the Julian Rashard Group in November of 2021 for help with the Mile High Hair club and a proposal with a quote was sent to her and she agreed with the quoted rate but needed to wait until January 2022 to start the project.

Beware Of fraudulent Mile High Hair Club
Mile High Hair Club original logo

High Hair Club original logo

Once January came Natavia Davenport needed to wait for the sale of a piece of property the following month before she could commit to the project. In February of 2022 Natavia committed to the project with The Julian Rashard Group and a wire transfer of half the committed quoted rate and the project took off. Over half way through the project Natavia Davenport  was Extremely happy with the services she was being provided. Natavia Davenport even sent a email on March 27th 2022 with feedback on her website design and development saying

Omg Im in loveeeeeee 🥰😘 I could cry right now”

Beware Of fraudulent Mile High Hair Club Owner Natavia Davenport

But when it came time to pay the final invoice for the service rendered Natavia Davenport went radio silent for 3 and half months. She would never reach out to handle her financial obligations and would only respond when the agency reached out. For three and a half months Natavia Davenport would string the agency along routing that she was waiting for her income tax check and dealing with the IRS. As a black own business this is 1. unprofessional, 2. tacky and 3. a horrible business practice to but another black own business or any business through. If you know that you can’t afford to enter a business situation with another company then you should be upfront and say that.

Mile High Hair Club Logo Created By Julian Rashard Group (Gold)
Luxury Logo Redesign Created By The Julian Rashard Group

when Natavia Davenport was asked to pay her bill for the 100th time in July (bill was due April 15, 2022)  she proceed to discredit the agency’s work and resume  Claiming the work was

” it’s very sloppy & could’ve gotten it done better by someone else for wayyyyy cheaper”

This is a very petty and pathetic way to come at someone who has provided you a service that you loved only four months ago. As a business owner we must take responsibility for our business and actions we do within our business. Unfortunately everyone isn’t meant to be an entrepreneur and that’s okay. But what is not okay is to handle business in a fraudulent manner Natavia Davenport!

fraudulent Mile High Hair Club Owner Natavia Davenport

We as minority business owners have to get out of this horrible fake it to I make it Moto. Ultimately we are doing nothing but making each other look bad and making others skeptical about working with us. As a black own business I believe that our business and our business practices are held up to a much higher standard than most. Because we are ultimately often looked at as less than, none deserving, and expected to fail at every turn.

Lastly To Anyone Looking To Do Business In Dayton, Ohio I Say Beware Of fraudulent Mile High Hair Club Owner , Traveling Nurse and Business Development Representative Natavia Davenport


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