The freaks come out for this season of American Horror Story!


One of my favorite shows is back and continues to never let me down. With the constant twists and turns, American Horror Story is a great show that will leave you on the edge of your seat begging for more. With a star-studded cast and an amazing story line, this is the best show for the fall season in my opinion. So much happened within that first episode I don’t know where to begin. Well, lets start with what this season deals with. Its entitled “Freakshow” and it gets freaky by the second. It was so much too digest within the opening scene. Based off the angle some of the scenes were shot, you can pick up on whats going on. But like great writers, they keep you on your toes. When you think you have something figured out, you are completely wrong. The title of the season serves some dualities between whats going on behind the curtains when the show is over. This season takes place in Jupiter, Florida during the early 1950’s. The owner of this circus attraction (Jessica Lange) is German and doing all she can to keep her show going. With time changing and the development of TV, people are changing the way they entertain themselves. Nevertheless, she will not give up. Not to mention, she is considered a freak too. I am ready to see all the horror behind the curtains.


You will have to enter the curtains to explore its secrets and found out what makes this attraction so popular. Each character has a story to tell and has been eradicated from society because of their appearance and actions. The word “Freak” really gets under their skin because they want to be treated like regular citizens even though they suffer a deformity. The main character “scouts” for new talent and allows her acts to promote who they are on stage. Only if they would realize she is exploiting them for capital wealth/stardom. If you are looking to get “freaky”, check out this season of American Horror Story. The horror has not begun yet and I am looking forward to every second of it.

Jarius Tommillson

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