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Light & Darkness! Freeform has a Hit w/ Marvel’s “Cloak & Dagger!”

Freeform continues to push the envelope with some pretty amazing series targeting teens and young adults. With shows like The Fosters, Famous In Love, and the black-ish spin-off, grown-ish on its line up the fledgling network is totally winning right now! Well it looks like Marvel Comics is getting in the mix as its studios have partnered with Freeform to bring the dynamic duo of Cloak & Dagger!

olivia holt and aubrey joseph in freeform's cloak and dagger
Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt as “Tyrone Johnson/Cloak & Tandy Bowen/Dagger”

The series centers on teens, Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) and Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) two teens from opposite sides of the track. Tandy begins her life in a well to do family that becomes unraveled after a car accident kills her father, while Tyrone’s older brother is unwittingly murdered by the police. Their lives–and powers–are then intertwined by energy released from a freak accident. Flash forward to their teenage years and Tandy has become a criminal and impoverished, while Tyrone is a star basketball player from a well to do family. After years apart their paths cross and their powers emerge. Tyrone finds he can transport himself through shadows over great distances while Tandy can create light and daggers of light. The two began to explore not only their shared past, but destinies…as it is rumored one of them will die! Are you #TeamCloak or #TeamDagger?

ultimate universe cloak and dagger

In case you didn’t know, Cloak & Dagger are superheroes in the Marvel Universe who serve primarily as a scourge to the drug and criminal underworld and have at time fought alongside other superheroes like Captain America, Spider-Man, and The X-Men! The heroes are sort of a walking yin and yang. Cloak’s body is mostly a long cloak that allows him to teleport; and contains The Darkforce Dimension, a pocket dimension that he can trap people in forever. Dagger can fire beams of light and solidify light into daggers that can stun or cause others excruciating pain.

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We attended an advance screening for the first episode of the series last night and we have to say it was amazing. Held at Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema Theater in Atlanta, the event was filled with fun, food, and really cool photo booths! We really love this series and how it tackles some pretty important topics like racism, assault, police brutality, poverty, and substance abuse. When you see how race and class play a role in their lives you will find these characters to be more and more relatable. Aubrey and Olivia are amazing actors who really deliver on these heroes. We hope they will be connected to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe or even other outlying shows like Runaways.

Be sure you catch the series premiere of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Thursday June 7th only on Freeform!


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