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french montana, khloe, angie martinez

French Montana Comes Out With Details About Relationship

Yesterday in an interview with Angie Martinez, Power 105’s newest host, French Montana opened up about speculations surrounding his dating life.  In addition to spilling the beans on his latest relationship, he also dished on new music, working with Kanye West and his upcoming album.

During the interview, French is adorned in all white attire, as he is observing Ramadan. Throughout the interview it was clear he was fairly uncomfortable, and anticipating whatever curveball questions Angie might throw.  “Mind you it’s Ramadan, so take it easy on me”, he jokingly pleaded.  “I’ll ask you what I want to ask you, and you answer what you want to answer”, Ang bargained.

french montana, angie martinez, khloe kardashian

Keeping it light Angie opened up asking French about his new found fame with his association to Khloe Kardashian. After dancing around his relationship with Khloe French strategically switched topics to highlight his new single ‘Don’t panic’.

French has been spending time in the studio with Kanye, collaborating on both of their prospective albums. With Executive Producers like Harry Fraud, and potentially Kanye French is getting ready to serve a very hot album. Talk about a heavy hitter!

french montana, angie martinez, khloe

The perfect icing to top off the interview was Khloe dropping in to make their relationship even more clear. Teasing French about his white, “pure” and “virginal” attire, Khloe talked about torturing French while he abstains from sex. From here it looks legit. They seem to be a cute, and certainly fun couple.

Khloe even teased French on his awkward behavior upon her arrival. Feeling anxious French awkwardly flipped through an invoice book to calm his nerves. Is this the behavior of a man with butterflies? Or maybe a man with something to hide?

As Ang asked Khloe about French, and their relationship, Khloe was all smiles. We all know it’s been a minute since we’ve seen our KOKO happy. She referenced her past relationship, and how she has learned to keep her relationship private, and close to the heart. French Montana, and Khloe Kardashian? We’re here for it!… At least for now, hopefully things pan out for the two of them. Rumors of French’s divorce, and “abandoned” child are still floating around, and we’ve yet to hear from Mr. Montana on any of it!


Check out French’s interview with  Angie on

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