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How Friend Groups Flourish with Different Characters

How Friend Groups Flourish with Different Characters

(from l to r) Taraji P.Henson, Regina Hall, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Lewis, Meagan Good and Alani “La La” Anthony on set of “Think Like A Man Too”

In the second grade, I remember having three very close friends who I did almost everything with. We all lived in the same place of course, but came from completely different families and upbringings, behavior patterns and carried a versatile sea of likes and dislikes.

Even at such a young age, I admired my girls for their ability to make me feel at home. I  was still fresh into my new elementary school since my family and I moved to St.Louis, so it was pressure on me to make friends. But having someone who kept me laughing, seeing a young, black girl being bold and confident in her melanin skin at a young age, and someone who had a motherly love instinct about them; these different personas made it all worthwhile.

I think it’s initially the different character traits within friendships that shapes everyone into being their best self for their squad. It’s great to have someone to relate to and a connection due to your similarities, but also, different personalities and handles on life can teach you more about yourself.

Kontrol has come up with the different roles within almost every friend group and how everyone can benefit from them. Hey, there may be a chance you spot yourself!

Never Fails to Make You Laugh

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The jokester of the group, your personal All-Star comedian. No matter what mood you’re in or how your day is going, you’re destined to get a laugh out from this one.

It’s a great advantage to have a funny friend or two in your squad. Someone who’s naturally humorous, where almost everything they say or do come out as a punchline. If there’s one thing everyone would want to be it’s funny, and from personal experience, I have a few good jokes here and there, but most of the time I’m on a thick line of corny. To have a friend that’s funny is a guarantee that even in some of the worse situations, you’ll have someone to make your day better by putting a smile on your face.

All About Ambition

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Whether it’s picking up an extra job to get that shmoney, excelling in their studies or simply contributing to a charity, this friend is for the win and they’re going to make sure you are too.

Although sometimes they may seem busy due to their many activities and time dedicated to their passions, this individual will make sure that at the end of the day everyone is eating. But it’s not all about climbing the ladder to the top, it’s what they do on their way there for those around them. It could be sending those uplifting good morning messages before you start your day, being that voice of reason in an argument or positive voice in a discussion, leading it into something everyone can learn from. The friend of ambition is here to make sure everyone is on the path God has set out for them, and they’ll do so by keeping you on track and making you feel superior in all that you do.

Mama Mia

Gif: Gfycat

Need some hand sanitizer? Tylenol for a headache? Quick sew-up to the hem of your dress? A big bear hug? Leave it all to the wonder woman of the group, The Mother-Friend.

You would’ve thought that this one was juggling a whole family, by how they cater to everyone’s needs and comfort. They’re going to tell you the best way out of every situation and prefer you don’t stir conflict or stir down the wrong direction, because they simply want the best for you. You’ll get that look of disapproval sometimes or a sentimental post full of embarrassing selfies to show how much they love you, but you’ll eventually appreciate it nonetheless. The mother of the group is great at giving advice and dropping knowledge of their past experiences, so you’re destined to learn from their mistakes in the journey of becoming your best self. No matter what, they’ll always accept you for who you are and love you unconditionally; as a mother should.

The Bold Breakdown

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Ain’t nothing better than keeping it real. But there is a such thing as too real. Then again, who’s going to tell you when you’re stuck on stupid or that your outfit looks like it was birthed two seasons ago? The friend that’s completely secure in their boldness.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think every friend group needs someone who’s openly willing to tell it like it is.  And don’t think they’re ever hating or flat out rude for their comments and advice, because usually this friend is speaking from the heart and will always give you that tough love. Their love runs deep for those who they call friends, because similar to the mother of the group, they want the absolute best for you and will catch you before you slip up. It’s okay to be told your breath is kicking, you might want to change that shirt or shoes, it’s time to bounce on your significant other who keeps playing games because it’s coming from someone who genuinely cares. Let’s not forget their ability to pop-off or stand up for what they believe in or their crew in an instant. Loyalty is key.

The People Person

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Wherever you go, there’s someone they know. They’re the link to the parties, latest on what’s happening around town and no one can say really say anything bad about them because they’re impossible not to love.

The people person of the group is lovable because they have the ability to reach any crowd. Conversation is natural for them no matter who they’re talking to, as their warm spirit and great listening skill draws people into their energy and has them looking forward to being in their company.  We need people like this in our friend groups for balance. Someone who’s able to draw the line when everyone else is picking sides, sort of like the peacemaker who’s rationality seems to always work things out. They won’t ever judge you because they’re standing in the same position as you, learning from the different people and places their around to become better.

Friendship is an essential in life for many reasons. You win some and you lose others, but ultimately, you’ll meet your match of a select few individuals who’ll abide by your loyalty. Friends are there to give you advice, offer you a shoulder to cry on and console you in regards to making you up to par, with who you should be. I say this personally and out of observation of the new generation, don’t think taking pride in not having friends is “cute,” or is a good example of (forced) independence. You’ll eventually come to find out, sometimes we could always use a friend, that person who’ll answer your call at 3 a.m., pick you up food when you’re too busy to take a break and the most important of all, consistently love all that you are.


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