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Fur Nails?! When is it too much!

When a trend is popular it becomes like the new “It Girl”. And the world has a tendency of going overboard with it. From accessories to glam and everyday wear faux fur is incorporated in everything, even nails.

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This hairy trend is by far the craziest trend of the moment. And I mean crazier than Bubble Nails, Shattered Glass, Horoscope, and Aquarium Nails. Nail Art has and always will be a way to express oneself. But, I would say it’s reached an all new high. It might be wild for us, but normal for Fashion Week.

Making its first hairy appearance during Libertine’s Fall/Winter 2016 New York Fashion Week. Style Director and Co-Founder, Jan Arnold of CND made nail tips out of faux fur.

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According to Cosmopolitan:

“To get this faux fur nail trend, Arnold and the CND team painted each nail with Vinylux Weekly Polish in the shades of “Rubble” and “Cream Puff.” Then, they applied the faux fur to each nail with CND’s Super Shiney High-Gloss Top Coat.”

Although it’s the least practical, faux fur nails are seen more so aspirational. Forget about trying to wash your hands, shower, and eating. This nail trend might seem a little impractical for everyday wear.

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Major nail artists have tried this faux fur trend, applying their own twist.


Faux Fur Nails are the craziest nail beauty trend right now.


Nail Artists even tried using human hair instead of faux fur.
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